28 years of marriage and my husband tells me he wants a divorce

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In the beginning, I. was self-medicating (drinking), but I. eventually went to a doctor and did some intense therapy to help me recover from the pain. Although I. started dating again, it wasn’t for me. So, instead, I. focused on myself – prayed and write down my feelings. I. even lost weight. Over time, people who chose him over me realized that his words didn’t match his actions. I. am better without him in my life.


  • Find a therapist you can talk to. A relationship a person thought would last is suddenly gone, and this can leave a person in mourning. Talk about it and know that you’ll be happy again one day. It just takes time.

  • There is no sudden blow out of a marriage after 10 or 20 years. There are little explosions that were missed by the couple. They didn’t listen to or communicate with each other. These are essential for a lasting marriage.

  • It’s hard to be alone after 25 years of being with someone, but the best thing anyone can do is take care of themselves first. In time, you’ll realize that the best thing the spouse can do for you is leave, especially if the marriage wasn’t working out.

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