Bethany Divorce Recovery program

Bethany Divorce Recovery ProgramsBethany Divorce Recovery programs provide healing and a
stepping-stone to a new life.

Bethany’s six metro Detroit chapters have no membership
dues. Bethany events are friendly and non-stressful and are
planned with the single person in mind.
Meetings, social and sports activities are planned throughout
the month. Many Bethany functions are free. Admission is
only charged, to help defray event expenses.
New beginnings and lifelong friendships await the divorced,
separated and singles through the support of Bethany.

Getting Started

Under the auspices of the Office for Family Life & Faith Support Groups of the
Archdiocese of Detroit, Bethany provides spiritual, social, and educational
support to the divorced and separated.
When you are a member of a Bethany support group you will find a place
where you can express your pain, anger and frustration in the company of
understanding and sympathetic people who are also experiencing the trauma
of divorce.
Through facilitated group discussions (where you can share whatever you
are comfortable with), guest speakers and a workbook and video series
relating the stages of recovery for yourself and your children, you will learn
to grow beyond the pain and anger. You will regain your self esteem and
eventually see the road to recovery and a new life ahead.

Bethany Divorce Recovery Programs

You will receive many easy to read hand‐outs on these and other topics as
dealing with loneliness, depression, betrayal, self‐esteem, anger, stress,
parenting during and after divorce, helping children understand divorce,
surviving holidays and finally forgiveness. We also have many books dealing
with all the above topics which you may borrow.
Bethany’s goal is to console and educate you on how to survive the trauma of
divorce and lessen the pain of your recovery. The following are some of the
topics that are covered.

Newly Hurting
Healing the Wounds of Divorce
Growing Through Divorce
Single Parents with Children
Divorce and Beyond


For more information, please contact:

Bethany Contact Line: (248)988 0454