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The Successful Divorce Planning for Men Divorce Blog is pleased to present the second in a series of real life stories of men living through divorce. In each case, we will explore how a particular man handled his divorce. We hope that men will learn from the examples presented and gain valuable insight from this divorce advice. One Man’s Divorce Success: Bill knew that he was headed for divorce court when his wife began “working late” and was clearly having an affair. Rather than confront his wife, he consulted with an attorney. Bill held his anger at home and continued to go about his daily business. Bill worked as a police officer and worked a significant amount of overtime. Bill stopped working the overtime. He started picking up his kids after school and helping them with homework. Bill reduced his income from $78,000 a year to $52,000. To do this, Bill had to reduce his retirement contribution significantly. He kept a diary of the time that he spent with his children as well as the late nights that his wife was not home taking care of the kids. After Bill established a reduced income and his role as care giver to the children, Bill filed for divorce. At trial, Bill paid little child support and alimony because his income had been reduced. Most importantly, Bill received a 50/50 child custody order. The Successful Divorce Planning for Men Divorce Blog advice:
  1. Bill’s story would not have been possible without his cool demeanor and well thought out plan. Rather than explode, men should consult with counsel and prepare for divorce secretly.
  2. Bill’s plan required that he stop working all overtime. The small amount of cash that overtime pay provides a man today is not worth the years of support he may be required to pay in the future. Reducing retirement contributions or dipping into savings while executing divorce plans is advisable.
  3. Finally, Bill put the time in with his kids while his wife was out. The court seeks to maintain the status quo of the children. Time spent with the children before the divorce is filed is of great importance.
Bill’s story is one of successful divorce planning. Secret Divorce will teach you hundreds of other tricks and techniques to enable you to reduce your child support and alimony, protect your assets, and increase your custodial time with your children. It is never too early to educate yourself regarding divorce preparation.

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