Get married lawfully in California

Same-sex couples can get married legally in California. It is expected to bring tehran business opportunities with hundreds of millions dollars for California.


We married on Miami Beach after 10 years of friendship. Thankful for such a supportive community of friends and family that made this day EPIC…..more

Critics clarified that California is the only country to permit same-sex couples from other countries to have married, therefore it’s anticipated that a high number of same-sex couples especially moved to California to get married. The wedding gown along with other wedding provides Would form a mini-same-sex marriage market. Outside California, the United States just allows legal homosexual marriage In Massachusetts, but it’s just depending on the regional same-sex partners in Massachusetts.

Australia’s prime minister rushed gay marriage into law on Friday by gaining a final signature on a bill hours after it was overwhelming endorsed by Parliament and as the nation started planning weddings that can take place in a month.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull traveled to Government House where Governor-General Peter Cosgrove signed the bill into law on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, Australia’s constitutional head of state.

Los Angeles, San Francisco have started to openly promote they’re the most nostalgia popular same-sex partners heaven. California has already been the hottest tourist destination for gays. They’d purchase many holiday presents due to their cherished and a few other outside staffs .

After losing the court fight on same-sex marriage, opponents regrouped and reframed their legal arguments, focusing on the rights of religious people. Follow: