Is it possible for love to exist even after a breakup?

Is it possible for love to exist even after a breakup? What are the signs that indicate your guy is still in love with you even after you have broken up with him? Read on to find answers to these questions.

Love does not die and it is completely foolish to think that there is no love left for him once you have broken up with your guy. This could only be possible if the breakup was horribly bitter. However, if your guy loved you once he would definitely have feelings for you even after the breakup.

“Can seeking comfort in someone new help the healing process, or is diving into a relationship too quickly after a break-up an unfair and unhealthy way to move forward? Are rebound relationships always doomed to be temporary flings, or can they become long-term, stable, and happy partnerships? ”


How would you recognize the signs that he still loves you? Below is a list that will help you understand his behavior and know if he still has love for you. These are subtle signals that you will need to identify.

Does he smile at you? If his face lightens up and his lips break into a smile each time he sees you then it is a definite sign that he still has love for you in his heart.

What You Can Do About It

In order to continue on with the pursuit of love after a breakup, that cycle must be broken. Roger suggests looking at the problem as an opportunity for self improvement….more

Do his eyes follow you? If you are out at a party or in the library and you find your ex looking at you more than once, this is a subtle signal that he loves you even after the breakup.

Does he try to strike a conversation? Do you find him looking for reasons to try and talk to you? If you feel he isolates you to talk when you are in a group, be assured that he still loves you.

Does he prolong the conversation? If he loves you he will want to keep the conversation going. Does your ex guy do that? If he does it means he loves you dearly.

Does he call you or send you text messages? If you still get those phone calls from your ex for no apparent reason it is time you realize he calls you because he loves you.
Does he remember your birthday? If he remembers to wish you on your special day and sends you flowers and a gift take it as his way of showing you he cares for you.

Does he not miss an opportunity to be where you are? If you have a group of common friends and he makes it a point to show up wherever you are present, he is letting you know he is still interested in you.

Do you think he is taking extra care of the way he looks? That could be a sign that he loves you and is trying to attract your attention by looking good.
Do you see love in his eyes? Eyes never lie. Look into his eyes if you are in doubt if your ex has love for you. If he loves you his eyes will let you know.


All the suggestions listed above are easy to understand. The way your ex guy behaves around you will show you whether or not he loves you. Take a cue from his actions and proceed towards your next step. If you too love him then reciprocate to his feelings.
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