Learn about yourself

Learn about yourselfTake some time to rediscover who you are. Dig down deep to find your old identity before your spouse, and examine who you are now. You don't have to recoil from everything you became in your marriage. In the same way that you learn from failure and grow through experience, your marriage will have left permanent marks on you. Be ok with who you are now, and focus on expanding your identity to be who you want to be. Make new goals, reopen dreams that you forgot about, and do something that is completely yours--whether it's a ballet class, a trip to Rome, or a volunteer role at a soup kitchen. Just take the baby steps to move forward into the new (or original!) authentic you.

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  • Focus on you and everything you’ve learned so far in your life. Consider your core values and your mission in life. Be the person you want to be, using the pain and grief to propel you to it.

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