My parents got back together after their divorce

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Do Couples Who Get Divorced Get Remarried To Each Other? My parents got back together after their divorce when I. was younger. I. didn’t know the man most of my younger and teenage years. However, they remarried when I. was in my late 20s. And, they did it because they realized the things that they thought was in important wasn’t so important now that they were older. If you find someone who makes you happy, that’s what’s important even if that person is your ex-spouse.   Ray


  • Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were married and divorced multiple times. Some people just love crazy relationships.

  • It’s not uncommon for couples to remarry each other, even when they shouldn’t. Perhaps it’s because of the loneliness.

  • My mom married my dad twice and then divorced him and married another man and divorced him and remarried him. Now, they are divorced.

  • My grandmother was married to her first husband twice. She divorced him because he was drinking and when she remarried him, she divorced him because he was a drink.

  • I remarried my spouse and regretted that decision. We divorced after eight years of marriage and decided to remarry on our 10th anniversary. After making some “changes” to his life – becoming financially responsible for himself and staying away from alcohol – I reconnected with him. It was good for a time – three years – and then it turned sour. We’re getting divorced again.

  • My ex-husband remarried his first wife when she found out she was pregnant with their daughter. They got divorced a little later after she became violent with the child and caused brain damage

  • A friend of mine got married, and divorced his wife after five years, taking half of everything they owned and got the house too. After two years, they reconciled and remarried. Five years later, she pulls the same stunt. Pure madness but they remarried again, and she does the same thing again.

  • My parents remarried when I was 33, and it didn’t matter to me why my father came back to my mother. I just wanted her to be happy. And, I trust her judgment to take him back. They are old enough to know if they can move past the mistakes.

  • Several people I know have done this, but it’s didn’t well for them. In fact, they eventually woke up to the realization of why they divorced in the first place and divorced again.

  • Some people find that they really do love the person they were married to even with their faults. They decide that they were happy with that person after all, and they get remarried. Even if they married someone else after the first marriage ended and their new spouse dies, or they get divorced, they remarry the first spouse.

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