James Z. Merritt Kristen F. Barlow

Kristen F. Barlow and James Z. Merritt were married on Friday - Aug. 29, 1997 , County: El Paso.
The marriage took place under the Zodiac Sign Is Virgo.
Saints for the Day of August 29th are: Blessed Peter of Sassoferrato, Blessed Filippa Guidoni, Blessed Edmund Rice, Saint Sabina of Rome, Saint Alberic of Bagno De Romagna, Saint Maximian of Vercelli, Blessed Bronislava of Poland, Blessed Sancja Szymkowiak, Blessed Teresa Bracco.

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California, Highland - Potokar Ginny, Leman Cheyenne, Esposto Mozelle, Baraw Leigh, Tecle Young, Grounds Willy, Marilla Q. Shanell, Wolbeck U. Malcom, Grentz Margherita, Langston Jerrell, Speier Carmen, Schemmer Lauretta, Richemond Alton, Butash Shandra, Miyahara Lizeth, Landeo Wei, Tizol Chanel, Krolik H. Sheron, Shantie Vikki, Gerolaga Nyla, Walburger Caitlyn.

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