Peter D. Paul Margaret Y. Bautisa

County: San Francisco - Margaret Y. Bautisa and Peter D. Paul were married on Tuesday - Oct. 18, 1983 .
The marriage took place under the Zodiac Sign Is Libra.
Saints for the Day of October 18th are: Saint Justus of Beauvais, Saint Peter of Alcantara, Blessed Theobald of Narbonne, Blessed Burchard I of Halberstadt.

The following people were also married on October 18th:

California, San Francisco - Khetarpal Honey, Rixen Elda, Ramme Adina, Mcdonnough Lashonda, Hoober Leia, Lede Sammy, Creson Rubye, Yeager Roland, Remaley Romana, Yoshino D. Stacia, Rottman Ned, Samaan F. Jacelyn, Mccage Stephine, Gehrman Lenard, Soc Z. Lana, Rustia C. Jami.

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