William G. Holbrook Pamela E. Bailey

County: Wolfe - Pamela E. Bailey and William G. Holbrook were married on Sunday - Jun. 18, 1995 .
The marriage took place under the Zodiac Sign Is Gemini.
Saints for the Day of June 18th are: Blessed Osanna Andreasi, Saint Elizabeth of Schonau, Saint Equizio of Telese, Saint Calogerus The Anchorite.

The following people were also married on June 18th:

California, Bell Gardens - Aulik Y. Brigitte, Calabrese Dorinda, Raimer Ranee, Lookingbill Nu, Bendixen Coral, Bogel Ellyn, Wening Josue, Normandeau Millard, Luebker Betsy, Ravenelle Newton, Mused Whitney, Bocian Temika, Derichsweiler Mallie, Kallam Marylyn.

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