Never Lose Hope

Never Lose Hope

If you love someone then you must have faith and trust in yourself that you will be able to win their love back. Self esteem and belief in yourself is the most important criterion, without which all your efforts at trying to get your ex back, would be null. Remain positive and know in your heart and mind that you will get your ex back, no matter what and you will surely succeed.

 “I have no regrets. My marriage now is the one I always wanted. We have reached a level of intimacy we’d never found in a quarter century together. I’m happy. I don’t wonder whether there is some other happiness out there that is better than mine. The saying about “the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence, it’s greener where you water it” appears around pop culture these days and I nod my head. As my children age and we have discussions about the time their father and I were apart, I will do my best to explain to them that I needed some time to myself — to work, rest, to light a gas grill, find a place to breathe — and having done those things, I came back to them a better person: a better wife, a better mother. Selfish? Perhaps. Necessary? Definitely.”

Let Them Know You Still Care

There is no better feeling than knowing someone cares for you despite all that has happened between you both. Your ex will feel love and respect for you when they come to know that you still remember those special days. Wish them on their birthday. Send them a card, flowers or chocolates. Congratulate them on their new job. Make it a habit of letting them know through your actions that they still mean a lot to you. Do things for them that they will not miss noticing.

Be There For Them

If ever there is a situation where your ex needs assistance of any kind, be there to provide it without hesitation. It could be looking after their cat while they are on vacation or looking after them when they are sick. Just ensure you are there to be their backup in times of need. Your action will let them know how much you love them.

“If it is not too late, now is the time to learn how to be the best wife who has ever lived! If you both experience a new way of relating to one another, there is a high probability he will come around. When your relationship begins to transform, he will also be given the opportunity to learn about marriage and, perhaps, become the best husband ever!”

Do Special Things for Them

Win a man through his stomach; goes a popular saying. A woman could win her ex by cooking for him. It does not take much effort to prepare their favorite dish and have it sent across to their apartment. Guys could do special things too, to win their ex-flames love. They could source a special edition book their girl was looking for. The idea is to do something special that rekindles love.

Do Not Act as Strangers in Each Other’s Company

You were a couple before the breakup. You do not need to behave like total strangers in each other’s company. You don’t have to get intimate either, but you can definitely behave normal. When there is no awkwardness between the two of you, you will find it easier to communicate. Communication of course is the best method to restart long lost love.


Remember, those things that look small can act big in love. . You do not need to try and impress upon your ex that you love them or miss them. Let them know you do through your subtle behavior and your ex will be with you before you know it.

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