Allow yourself to grieve

Divorce is essentially a loss of a person. The “two that became one” are no longer around. It’s healthy to […]

Positive vibes only

You have to make the conscious decision to choose happiness and be grateful for where you are. You’ll never move […]

Learn about yourself

Take some time to rediscover who you are. Dig down deep to find your old identity before your spouse, and […]

Build a support network

Life after divorce can be lonely, so focus on building healthy relationships that will help you through the rough days. […]

Southeastern Michigan

Divorce Recovery Workshops for Divorced and Separated Christians For more information, call 248-930-4157 For additional information, please call us: Carol […]

Bethany North Oakland

North Oakland Meeting Location General Meetings are held the 4th Monday of each month at St. Daniel’s Catholic Church located […]

Bethany Central Board

Divorce Recovery Facilitator Workshops Next Course will be Spring 2018 commencing 12th March for six weeks. The workshop in Leicester […]

Links of Interest

Archdiocese Of Detroit Contact Information: Metropolitan Tribunal 12 State Street Detroit, MI 48226-1823 ph. 313-237-5865 The Pontiac Area Vicariate of the […]