Prioritize your kids’ wellbeing

Prioritize your kids' wellbeingGoing through a divorce is difficult for the whole family. If you have children, act with their best interests in mind. Don't force them to take sides, use them as communication tools or bargaining chips between you and your ex, and don't speak negatively about your ex in front of them. Not only is this healthy for your children and your family relationship, but it will be positive for your mindset as well to serve your children by taking the high road.

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  • Many men ask, what, if anything they should tell their children about their pending divorce. Children should not be burdened by the issues in your divorce. Speaking to your children about your divorce or your wife in a negative light usually backfires.

    Courts do not appreciate involving the children in these adult issues. Children should be informed that both Mom and Dad love them and will always be there for them. They should also be informed about a pending divorce with Mom and Dad both present. Often books are helpful for children to understand that divorce will not affect their relationship with each parent. Dinosaur’s Divorce is one such book.

    Calendars specifically marking days that the children will see both parents is also helpful for children facing a changing schedule. Children need to be reassured that they will be able to maintain their relationship with both parents.

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