Top Signs That Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back

There are situations after a break up when you want to get back with your ex boyfriend and you are not sure whether your boyfriend is still interested. These situations can be tough since without knowing your ex’s state of mind and feelings, you cannot go any deeper and you remain hanging on the hook. But if you observe carefully, there are always some behavioral signs that can help you judge whether your boyfriend wants you back or not. Here are the top signs and ticks to look for to ensure he does.

Does he call often?

The most basic indication of whether your boyfriend wants you back in his life or not would be the level of contact that he initiates with you. If he calls frequently for random things, or runs into you at places you don’t expect, or tags along with your common friends to meet you, then he’s probably looking for casual ways to maintain touch with you without exposing himself. If he was not interested, he would have maintained his distance which is the usual behavior after a break up. These efforts to maintain casual contact might be indications from him of wanting you back but not to know how you feel about him.

Behavioral ticks

Observe his behavior when he is with you. If he looks at you often even when you are not directly looking at him, it means he cannot keep his eyes off you, or is nervous about something. Another important thing to look out for is his body language. If he is leaning in towards you when he talks to you, smiling and has an easy and comfortable air round him, it means he is interested in you and is happy to be with you. If he was not, he would sit straight and hold a defensive or off-putting stance like with squared shoulders, crossed elbows etc.

You hear that your ex has been asking about you: Again, if they’re showing interest in you by asking your friends how you’re doing, chances are they’re not 100% over you.

Physical contact

Watch out for the little and inconsequential touches. If he still wants you after the break up, he will find casual and discreet ways of initiating physical contact. These can be in the form of casual caresses to the hand, putting his arms on your shoulders, casual proximity, and small kisses. Don’t expect any bold gestures because he himself might be unsure of his as well as your feelings about the break up. These tiny touches are usually indications of his secret desires to be with you that he generally does not open up about. He probably feels that initiating casual physical contact among friends or on social occasions is the safest.

Your ex partner has been looking at your Facebook: They’ve liked some of your pictures or they’ve made references to things they’ve seen on your profile… If your ex is going out of their way to look at what you’ve been up to, it means they care!

Read between the lines

Pay attention to what he says. Does he talk often of the good times that you spent together? Does he sound rueful when you talk about the break up? Does he tells you about situations such “what do you think would have happened if we had a dog together? “? These are indications that he wants to talk about his relationship with you and that he thinks about it otherwise.

If you see any of these signs then you should have hope for reconciliation with your boyfriend. Because he surely wants you!


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  • Is it possible for love to exist even after a breakup? What are the signs that indicate your guy is still in love with you even after you have broken up with him? Read on to find answers to these questions. Love does not die and it is completely foolish to think that there is no love left for him once you have broken up with your guy. This could only be possible if the breakup was horribly bitter. However, if your guy loved you once he would definitely have feelings for you even after the breakup.